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David is a Director, Cinematographer, 3D Artist and Colorist. His love for motion pictures led him from a small commercials studio in Cologne to Dortmund. There, he finished his film studies at University of Applied Arts and Sciences Dortmund in 2019, focussing on cinematography. His studies taught him about the impact that images have on their audience and how to craft images that drive a story. After working as a cinematographer on several short films and documentaries, he went on to work as a freelance 3D Artist and Colorist on VR experiences, motion pictures and games. He joined the storylab kiU to explore new ways of telling stories.


In 2020, he directed the award-winning animated short film „The Flowerpot Monster and The Pinwheel“. His recent career stops '21-23 were as a Layout Artist at Lavalabs Moving Images on the animated feature film "Stitchhead" and as a Lighting Artist at Studio Isar Animation on the animated feature film "Giants of La Mancha".


Having learned about how 3D movies are crafted, he's on to direct the second installment of the Flowerpot Monster series and developing film and games ideas.


To David, it all comes down to the stories told and how his own effects work can help to improve storytelling. This is what drives him and gives him the dedication every project deserves.

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